_     As my very first blog, I would like to discuss the documentary 2 Million Minutes. This movie along with both articles “Unprepared for College” and “Scores Show Students aren’t ready for College” gave an excellent perspective of student education. While the articles hit on the effects of poor education, the movie pointed out the causes of those effects. Chinese students study for almost twice what American students study; my first thought was wow and Americans wonders why we are falling behind academically. After thinking about that for a while, I came to a conclusion. For many years, the United States has been the leader in just about everything. Other countries strive to be like us. After setting an example for so many years those other countries have began to figure it out. I believe American’s have had a “mocho” status for so long we have forgotten how to work to be on top. The video stated Americans are globally unaware. I believe that to be false. Clearly, America is a leader; if we were globally unaware, we would not continue to be a leader. In order to remain a leading country we must come to the realization we can be beat.

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