_ The blue collar B, how many people would take the offer? Or in our case the clue collar C? Would I take the offer? Could I settle with an average letter grade for a class in order to get out of any homework or even having to attend the class? These questions rattled through my head while watching the professor present Todd with this mind-boggling proposal. My first thought being, duh, why would I not take the offer? I then thought about it a little more. I enjoy the feeling after at the end of each semester after working hard to get that A or even B. At points throughout the semester I hate the fact that I have homework to do and tests to study for but after working for that grade, I feel an amazing amount of self-accomplishment. I could not settle with a blue collar C. I could constantly wonder if I could have done better on my own. I am looking forward to seeing if Todd takes the proposition. I do not think he will simply because his professor has faced him with a challenge. A lot like me, I believe he knows that he can do better than that blue collar B. It all relies on his ambition to become the best he can.  

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