_     The question that remains the same; do violent video games have an effect on children? After reading the articles, The Positive Effect of Action Video Games, Do Video Games Make Kids Violent, and A Review of the Effects of Violent Video Games in Children and Adolescent I have a mixed feeling about them. I believe the age of the child playing them play an important role on if they are too violent. Young children that do not yet realize there are differences between real life and games cause a threat. Many violent games use fire as a form of weapon; it is very possible for children to think it is “ok” to play with fire. That is not the message we want going to children. Also already mentally unstable as well as violent young people playing violent video games causes a threat. Studies show that violent video games lead to more violence. Is that what we want for already troubled adolescents? In many cases, there is an “other side” and I do too see the truth in it. Video games have shown they help people process visual information more quickly as well as make proper decisions based on that information. When it comes to real life, training video games are being used to give people the best training they can before the real thing. With these games first time pilots or even drivers have received the most life like experience. Now I do not know about you but when flying thousands of feet in the air or driving down town during rush hour knowing the pilot or driver has the most life like experience training makes me feel a lot better.        

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