So far our group project is going very well. Everyone is equally
taking on a part of the project which is really working for our group. On one of our first group days we all talked about our strengths and things we enjoy doing versus things we are less comfortable doing. As a group we decided it would be best for us each to pick our strength and be in charge of that area specifically. Trent and Destini’s strengths were presenting while Barry’s strength is writing. My strength, along with Ryan, is to organize, design and finalize. Both Ryan and I made sure each part of the project turned in was at its best. With us each focusing on different parts the main part of the project was finished very quickly. We then collectively, made sure each group member was happy with project and presentation. Like any group we have had issues to work through but I was really happy to see we could work through it. It has been a very big learning experience having to work on a presentation project with five different people. In the end I am very happy with how are project turned out and I can not wait to see it presented!  

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