_     My college writing career can easily be summarized as a "working progress" me maybe even an "uphill climb." One thing is certain, I as a writer, was no were prepared for my first college writing experience. I can remember the very first paper I wrote for college; I do not think I have even been so scared for an assignment in my life, so far. Surprising, I did extremely well on that first college paper. Now I still believe that the professor may have just been trying so boost the confidence of a bunch of scared young freshman but it worked for me so I am not going to complain. Since that first paper, I believe I have been improving, slowly but surely. With each semester, with classes getting harder, my writing has been continuously challenged. I can only hope that with each of those classes and with each of those papers, I become a stronger writer.   

10/9/2014 05:08:05 pm

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