_     The argument presented in the article, Does Reality TV Promote Dangerous Stereotypes, I strongly agree with. The article explains how these reality TV shows that gain a lot of attention are causing people to mimic show characters.  Reality TV is also creating a bad view of either the people on the show or the location they are in. For example, shows like Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, and Buckwild are a hot topic. Jersey Shore, a show that did both. The show has given Italian-Americans a bad name as well as given a stereotype of constant partying got the whole Jersey Shore. If shows like these where only playing on TV there would be no problem. Unfortunately, many people want to mimic these shows because of their popularity. However, why take TV shows off the air that are so popular? That is the real question. With these shows causing so many problems the only answer is to take them off the air or to make them less glamorous.      

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i agree

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very reliable information

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I Agree


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